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A good night’s sleep is dependent on so many elements: the right mattress, room temperature and absence of light are all important, but one thing has really revolutionized my sleep – the perfect pillow. Despite spending a third of my life in bed, pillows were always low on my list of priorities. I thought they were all pretty much the same – either down or fiber-filled and destined to go flat after a few months. It took a neck complaint to realize I’d been underplaying their importance and when I found these Plixio shredded memory foam pillows, it was love at first snooze.

When neck pain, tingling, and numbness in my fingers sent me to my doctor’s office in a panic, I discovered I was suffering from a pinched nerve in my neck and told that poor quality pillows could put extra strain on the injury. I was sent home with some stretching exercises and ordered to buy a more supportive pillow. I toyed with the idea of memory foam pillows in the past but imagined them to be giant blocks of padding with a permanent dent where your head lay. I’m a restless sleeper, alternating between side and back sleeping so I needed a pillow that would adjust to my needs. After a little research, I discovered the magic of shredded memory foam pillows and my sleep was forever changed.

For less than $33 you get two queen-sized Plixio pillows which feature a deluxe shredded memory foam that is soft enough to conform to the shape of your head but supportive enough to keep your neck and back aligned properly. The fabric pillowcases are soft, stain-resistant, hypoallergenic, and wick moisture away from your head – perfect for warm weather. Memory foam is unique in its tendency to expand and fluff up in warmer temperatures and compress in cooler temperatures. If you prefer a soft pillow for sleeping, just put the pillow in the dryer on a low setting for a few minutes, for a firmer support simply compress the pillow into your desired density. The pillow smells a little funky when it’s fresh out of the vacuum packaging (fragrance-free memory foam is yet to be invented) but I barely noticed any smell after the first night.

I felt the benefits of the pillow immediately – my head felt like it was sinking into a cloud every night, my neck was supported and my sleep quality improved massively. I raved about the pillows to friends who suffered from back and neck problems and they were all seriously impressed. I knew the pillow was magic when I stayed in a swanky hotel and couldn’t sleep on their pillows. No matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t settle without my trusty Plixio so now I always carry one with me when I travel. I simply can’t sleep without it. 

Plixio Shredded Memory Foam Bed Pillows (2 Pack)

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