Tax Planning for Retirement

October 20, 2019 admin 0

In retirement, what matters is not how much income you have; it’s how much you have available to spend. Your class instructor, Dana Anspach, will be using … source YouTube

Tax Plan

Auditing The IRS What Is Coming In 2020

October 20, 2019 admin 0

The office of the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration is one of over sixty federal IG offices, but it is one that shows up in the news more than most. Most recently it was […]

Tax Preparation

How to make empathy work for business

October 20, 2019 admin 0

If your kids are struggling at school, would you give them up for adoption? That’s the challenge Simon Sinek posses on his talk about how great leaders use empathy. We are so quick to hire […]

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