ACCOUNTWISE: Now is the perfect time to start your financial planning …

Do you really understand the figures in your business or
personal accounts?

Is your tax bill frequently an unwelcome surprise?

Do you feel out of control with your spending &

What would financial freedom mean to you?

Now is the perfect time to start your financial planning for 2020. To make this a useful and relevant process you may benefit from someone who can cast an experienced eye over your figures, explain the complexities, hold your hand and help you make those crucial decisions that can have such a big impact on the quality of your finances and ultimately the quality of your life.

Your accountant should be someone who will take the time to review your budgets thoroughly and to gain an in-depth understanding of your goals, dreams and what is currently tripping you up. 

Ultimately this should give you both clarity and control over the next financial period.

Do you currently have such a trusted advisor on
board?  If not, what should you be looking
for in an accountant? At the very least make sure you engage a firm that:

  • speaks your language and can explain things to
    you in a patient and non-patronising way.
  • you can trust with your financial and business
  • is appropriately qualified and has a dedicated
    and consistent staff that can look after your unique needs. 

In 2020, Accountwise will be celebrating its 15th
Anniversary of supporting local business owners with first class accounting

We are very proud to be FreeAgent and Xero certified partners,
helping you make accounting, tax and managing your finances truly stress free
and painless online.

How do we do that?

We’re approachable folk, not in the slightest grey
and dusty, so we’ll speak to you in language that you understand, at your pace.
 If you catch us using jargon you have
permission to call us on it. You can come back with the same question again and
again until you completely understand, and we’ll keep our patience – we

We use on-line accounting which is easy to use and
enables you to see the current state of your business anytime you want and
helps us to give you up-to-the-moment tax advice.

We keep up to date with the ever-moving legislation so
that you don’t have to and we’ll help you navigate your way through the numbers
– leaving you to focus on those important financial goals.

And we’re proud of the service we provide; we’ll
tailor our offering to suit your needs, taking the time to truly understand
your unique situation, and we’ll respond to your questions and queries quickly
and accurately.

So, is it time you looked beyond the numbers and started planning for your best financial year yet?  Talk to Rob and the team at Accountwise on 01189 623 702 email  You might also be interested in reading our regular blog

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