Go Viral with your Branded Free Plugin.

Now it's time to get your OWN
BRANDED COPY of the Free [GWA] Autoresponder.

It's like a PLR version of the Free Plugin for you to give away!

Now instantly increase your website's exposure giving away your personalized copy of this free autoresponder plugin. Have your Weblog Address and Referral URL embedded right in the code and displays a new SEO Targeted Link to your Weblog below the subscription form wherever and whenever it is installed.

"Every upgrade and referral link in the personalized plugin uses your Affiliate ID."

The Branded Plugin is a copy of the free plugin that has been coded just for you.

It's how we've almost reached 1,000,000 incoming links in a little over two years.

Please read the FAQ: Branded Plugin below to find out more!

It includes both a link to your blog and your affiliate referral link embedded in the plugin admin, displayed beneath the form widget, and in the footer of every email sent by your plugin.

The branded plugin is yours to give-away any way you want, but now we will also be distributing it to each and every referral you get on our website when you connect with us at ARGWA Social, our new social networking hub site.

Once you've socially connected with us, every referral you send to our site will download your branded plugin, and instantly and tirelessly be working for you, to get you even more referrals.

As soon as they've installed your plugin, any visitor on their blog following the subscription form link, or any of the other links in their messages, will instantly be directed to your affiliate page to download your plugin...

Not to mention that every custom branded plugin installed is another rank building one-way back link to your website or blog for Google to find.

Need we say any more? Its viral and it works!

While your referral has the free version installed they are promoting your affiliate page and blog link, and when they upgrade of-course you'll get the referral commission too.

Now that's really a WIN:WIN situation for you!

So get connected at ARGWA Social, get your branded plugin and referral campaign going now, and you'll start seeing the success you know you deserve. The more branded plugins you give away the more exposure you get.

Please read the FAQ: Branded Plugin below to find out more!

Your Personalized Plugin will be available on this page after we confirm your payment. You MUST UPDATE YOUR WEBLOG LINK AND TITLE BELOW BEFORE MAKING YOUR PAYMENT!

Personally Branded Plugin Setup

Referral Link Text:  
Weblog Link Text:  
Weblog URL: 
(Start with http:// only.)

Click the button to update the Real-Time Example
below of your New Branded Subscription Form.

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Please test your form links in the example above. A mistake will require you submit a support request and wait for assistance. Your plugin will be created and available on this page after we have verified it and your payment has been processed. If you have connected your account at ARGWA Social your plugin will be provided to all your referrals on this site.

Please read the FAQ: Branded Plugin below to find out more!

*NOTE: The branded plugin is NOT a subscription. It is yours for a one-time payment of ONLY $19.95

You can give away your branded plugin directly from your website or anywhere else!

This plugin could automatically be provided to every one of your referrals on this site.

Simply connect with us at ARGWA Social and we will make sure you get your Branded Plugin out there by GIVING IT TO ALL YOUR REFERRALS. (Read More)

Free Direct Referral Program

*NOTE: This button is for the Free Referral Program and includes your Free Branded Plugin. For a monthly subscription of only $19 you get a share of our direct signups added to your affiliate network. As a BONUS your branded plugin will be downloaded by all your referrals on this website while you are subscribed.

Only -2 "Free Referral Packages" currently available!

Branded FREE Autoresponder Plugin FAQ

Is the Branded Plugin available as a one time purchase (without subscribing)?

Yes, you may purchase the personalized plugin for a one-time-payment of $19.97 using the Paypal upper button at the top of the page. The Branded Plugin will increase your weblog search rank (SEO) and referrals when you give it away.

What are the SEO benefits? How will this increase blog traffic and exposure?

This is the best part of the Branded Plugin. Your personalized plugin's widget and subscription form will create custom targeted one-way back-links to your site wherever it is installed. Search engines will see them and rank you better and visitors to their blog will use your referral link to signup and download their plugin (again displaying your links on their blog!)

More links = Better rank in results = More referrals!

How do you know this works? Can I see an example?

We are the best example! That's what Google Webmaster Tools is showing below and you can see for yourself on Alexa what our best keywords are, then you can search Google for them to see our rank in the results.

You can see the traffic results we've received since we launched less then 3 years ago. All our free autoresponder subscription form back-links boosted our rank for many keyword combinations.

In the upper right in the screenshot below you can see there are a total of 160 different "distinct keyword phrases" that have received impressions and clicks in search results on Google for our site this month.

It works because back linking is a large part of how Google assigns your page rank, which is what determines your blog or website's overall rank in query results. While the exact method they use is a well guarded secret there are many SEO experts who know quite a bit. The strength of our positioning (mostly top front page of Google) is the results of this technique.

Free Referral Program FAQ

What exactly is the Free Referral (Subscription) Program?

We get a lot of people finding our website and software (and signing up to download the free plugin) from direct links found in search engine results and elsewhere. We receive so many that we are now offering them to you. Your referral network will grow faster as we randomly distribute direct referrals to all our Free Referral Program members. Obviously this creates even more potential to earn a commissions whenever one of these  free targeted referrals upgrades.

This element of the program will ensure you start distributing your branded plugin right away.

How many free referrals will I get in the program? Is it limited?

The distribution of direct signups in the Free Referral Program is not limited and each affiliate assignment is selected randomly. We will limit membership in the Free Referral Program in an effort to ensure everyone taking part benefits. For more information on how we calculate the maximum number of program members or anything else please submit a support request.

Anything else I should know? Can you summarize everything again?

As long as you are subscribed to the Free Referral Program you will begin receiving a share of our Direct Signups automatically added your referral network. All your referrals on our website will receive your branded version of the plugin automatically for download. This version will display a custom and prominent text-aliased back-link for your blog as well as gain you massive exposure for your referral URL whenever and wherever it is installed. 

This method of advertising is called viral advertising. It works unbelievably well!

Remember:  More links = Better rank in results = More referrals = More links = Better rank...